Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences - Clinical Nutrition Department

Department Units


  • Academic Development Unit: The Academic Development Unit promotes and develops education and learning resources through the establishment of programs, courses, and training seminars for both staff and students; monitors staff development and achievements and supervises quality of teaching.

  • Research Unit: The Research Unit supports increase of research productivity, output of high quality research, and adherence to high ethical standards by faculty members and students; facilitates opportunities for interdisciplinary and within-department collaborations. 

  • Internship and Alumni Unit: The Internship and Alumni Unit communicates and coordinates with facilities and monitors students to ensure their successful completion the internship year; stays in contact with alumni in order to provide job counselling, aid in employment, and obtain feedback regarding the program.

  • Strategic Planning Unit: The Strategic Planning Unit establishes and develops a 5-year strategic plan for the department; outlines the future goals of the department while taking into the department’s aspiration in terms of teaching, learning, scientific research and community service.

  • IT Unit: The IT Unit provides technical support for the university’s electronic services; assists in programming and updating of softwares. 

  • Student Affairs and Activities Unit:The Student Affairs and Activities Unit assists students in acclimating to the academic environment and achieving optimal educational outcomes; counsels students regarding academic, social, and personal issues; guides students in utilizing programs and activities to help reach their potentials, enhance their abilities, and strengthen peer relationships.

  • Curriculum Development and Learning Resources Unit:

    The Curriculum Development and Learning Resources Unit overseers plans for the delivery of the program by assessing quality indicators such as learning outcomes of all courses and the program as a whole; communicates with the library to monitor adequacy of learning resources.

  • Assessment & Evaluation Unit (EQAUP)

    The EQUAP Unit conducts detailed evaluations of academic and administrative practices in the areas of educational performance, research and community service; collects and analyzes data from departmental units and oversees internal and external benchmarks for program quality assurance and improvement. The data collected and recommendations given contribute to the larger scale University EQUAP. 

  • Academic Accreditation Unit:  The Academic Accreditation Unit prepares the department and oversees tasks related to the accreditation process; reviews and fulfills accreditation requirements, communicates information on accreditation standards, completes the necessary paperwork, collects evidence, submits the application, and organizes visits of accrediting committee.

  • Examination and Assessment unit: The Examination and Assessment Unit oversees the examination and assessment process within the department, establishes necessary forms and instructions, and develops the process of assessment design and evaluation.

  • Facilities & Laboratories Unit: The Facilities & Laboratories Unit ensures the availability, adequacy and regular maintenance of facilities and equipment needed to meet the program’s teaching and learning requirements; ensures that safety systems and procedures are established and followed.

  • Community Service Unit: The Community Service Unit supports community contributions by faculty members and students by facilitating opportunities to provide nutrition services as either voluntary initiatives, research efforts, or collaborative agreements; helps prepare students for potential future roles in the field of community nutrition.

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