Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences - Clinical Nutrition Department

Summary and Employment Opportunities

About the Major

The Clinical Nutrition program was developed to meet the rising needs of the community which requires specialists in the nutrition and dietetics field to provide accurate information about nutrition, and more particularly, therapeutic feeding requirements and medical nutrition therapies. Our goal is to provide scientific nutrition education and information based on current and reliable scientific studies to all members of the community; the healthy and the sick. We target all the community whether in hospitals, health centers, schools, or places of family gatherings.

The program aims to teach students about the human body, physiology and the impact of nutrients upon the health and also the impact of nutrition on the prognosis of dieases. Students learn how to prevent certain diseases, how to improve the quality of people's lives through food, as well as, learn to treat diseases through diet. In addition to all of the previous, students learn about common myths and beliefs and are taught the proper methods on how to respond to such claims using evidence-based science.

Employment Opportunities

Areas of work for clinical dietitians in Saudi Arabia
According to the Saudi Dietetic Association, areas of work as a clinical dietitian are not limited to a hospital-based job, and there are many other job opportunities including the following:

• Education
• Research centers
• Sports medicine or nutrition for athletes
• The private sector or private clinics
• The administration & management of nutrition services in various settings
• Non-governmental organizations such as UNESCO and United Nations

Employment Opportunities (National)
1. Clinical Practice Areas
• Hospitals and Polyclinics
• Primary Health Care Centres and Outpatient care centres
• Rehabilitation Centres
• Elderly Houses
• Medical Nutrition Divisions of Pharmaceuticals Companies
• Private Sector or Private Clinics
• Health-related businesses
• Wellness programs
• Clinical-based Research Centres

2. Community Practice Areas

• Schools
• Orphanages
• Prisons (Jails)
• Restaurants Chain Companies
• Airlines
• Elderly community care facilities
• Fitness Centers & Sport Clubs
• Community-based Research Centers
• Food and beverage industries (food manufacturing)
• Media and food advertising and marketing
• Public health clinics

Employment Opportunities (International)

In addition to national employment opportunities, some international employment opportunities include:

• The World Health Organization (WHO)
• Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
• The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
• International Airlines
• Food and beverage industries outside Saudi Arabia
• International Media (e.g. Satellite TV Channels)

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