Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences - Clinical Nutrition Department

Admission and Graduation Requirements

Admission Requirements

Students entering the B.Sc. in Clinical Nutrition must meet all the university and faculty admission requirements. They must also pass the Foundation Year with high GPA to enable them for admission to the BSc Clinical Nutrition program. In addition, the students must show interest in dealing with patients and working in hospital environments, which appear during her admission interview by the admission committee at the department.

Graduation Requirements

The degree granted is Bachelor of Science in Clinical Nutrition. The BSc in Clinical Nutrition is four years and one obligatory year for clinical practice (Internship Program). In order for a student to qualify for a BSc in Clinical Nutrition degree, he/she must successfully complete the total credit hour requirements (137 study units) including university requirements (26 study units), faculty requirement (23 study units) and departmental requirements (88 study units). In addition to graduate in clinical nutrition, a student must spend the obligatory training year for clinical practice (internship year).

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