Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences - Clinical Nutrition Department

Teaching Materials and Methods

Teaching Methods

  1. Lectures

  2. Lab and practical sessions

  3. Tutorials

  4. Skills lab

  5. Community visits

  6. Hospital visits

  7. Outpatient clinics visits

  8. Media and videos

  9. Internet

Assessment and Evaluation

  1. Written exams

  2. Practical exams

  3. Oral exams

  4. Home works

  5. Performance in class

  6. Graduation project assessment

  7. Seminar


We have three classrooms for each year. One class is enough for around 40 students. All our classroom have high quality projector and a computer.


  1. Food Safety Lab: where students learn about ready-to-eat foods and how to spot any spoiled foods. Students also learn preservation methods such as heating, freezing, fermenting and other different way.

  2. Food Analysis Lab: where students learn to analyze nutrients in foods such as carbohydrates, fats, and proteins along with vitamins and minerals. Also, measure acidity of foods.

  3. Clinical Skills Lab: where students learn to nutrition assessment methods and analyze the data they collect. There are tool to teach students to measure weight, height, fat in the body, muscle ration and other measures. In addition, there are samples of food servings to familiarize the students with appropriate serving sizes.

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